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.NO regulations summary:

Norway domain registration requirements

Norway require that the registrant must be a local company. But don’t worry. If you have no local presence in Norway, with Web Solutions’ Trustee Service for Norway we will provide this for you. We will simply appoint a local Trustee, which will act as official registrant on your behalf.


Registration fee: USD 125.00
Annual domain fee: USD 125.00
Annual Local Presence/Trustee Service fee (if required): USD 125.00

Have your own presence in Norway?

If you have your own company in Norway, the total charge is USD 125.00 p.a.
With Local Presence Service, the total annual charge is USD 125.00 plus USD 125.00. The prices include DNS service/web-forwarding.

.NO full regulations:

Applicant must be a Norwegian company, and the administrative contact must reside in Norway. Web Solutions further offer a Local Presence/Trustee Service for registrants which do not have a presence in Norway.

Simply order the domain, and select Local Presence Service at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions for .NO domain names and Norway
Is local company in Norway required?
Norwegian organisation number must be supplied. If you have no local presence, you can use our Local Presence Service for Norway.
Is local admin contact in Norway required?
The administrative contact must reside in Norway. For foreign registrants this will be provided as part of our Trustee service.
Are trademarks usable in Norway?
Only companies can register NO domain names. Unfortunately, trademarks give no specific access to register domains. We refer to our Trustee service for .NO domains.
Does Web Solutions offer an agent solution?
Web Solutions operate a Local Presence Service for Norway. Also commonly referred to as Trustee Service or Local Agent Service, it allows clients with no local presence in Norway to register .NO domains. Domain names related to company name, products, services and trademarks can all be registered via our Local Presence Service. Names relating to gambling or the erotic community must be pre-approved individually. Please email us regarding such names.
Is Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) available?
The IDN character set covers all official Norwegian languages, including Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk, North Sámi, South Sámi and Lule Sámi.

Offered IDN pattern include characters:
Are generic domains allowed for .NO?
In principle, you are free to choose a domain name. Some selected domains are prohibited or reserved by the Norwegian domain registry for technical, ethical or national considerations.

Applicant must verify that, to the best of his or her knowledge, registration or use of the name does not violate any third party's registered or unregistered rights to the domain name, and does not violate Norwegian law, and finally does not create an unwarranted impression of being associated with the Norwegian public-sector or the exercise of public powers.
How much time does it take to register .NO domain name?
1 day/s
Usually, it takes 1 day/s to register a .NO domain name in Norway. We will file the application as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide guarantees as we have no influence on the speed of the Norwegian domain authority once the application has been filed.
What is the minimum of characters allowed for .NO domains?
It is not possible to apply for .NO domain names with less than 2 characters.
What is the maximum of characters allowed for .NO domains?
It is not possible to apply for .NO domain names with more than 63 characters.
Can I register more than one Norwegian domain name?
YES, 100
A Norwegian organisation can register up to 100 .NO domain names.
Do I have to configure my DNS?
If you opt to use your own DNS, all specified name servers must be operative and respond authoritatively for the .NO domain.
Are you an accredited registrar of .NO domain names?
Yes, Web Solutions is an accredited registrar of .NO domain names in Norway.
Are there other domain extensions related to Norway?

Yes, there are more Norwegian extensions available at Web Solutions. Some of them might not require local presence and may be unrestricted. Please check the available extensions for Norway below:

Trustee service for Norwegian .NO domain names

If you opt to take advantage of our Local Presence/Trustee Service for Norwegian domain names, Web Solutions itself, its local branch office or a local agent assigned by us will become the legal holders and administrative contacts of the relevant .NO domains.

Acceptable .NO domain types:
Domain names related to your company name, products, services and trademarks can all be registered via our Trustee Service for .NO domain names. If you are planning to register domains relating to gambling, chat, erotic content, advertising or similar name categories, such names must be pre-approved individually and may incur a higher service charge. Please email us in advance at support@web-solutions.eu.

DNS choice for Norway:
All the .NO domain names may be hosted on your own name servers. If you specify no nameservers, we will provide DNS for your Norwegian domains free of charge.

User Certificate for Norwegian Trustee domains:
As soon as the .NO domain names have been registered, we will forward to you a User Certificate which defines your rights and the terms under which we are providing the Trustee Service for Norway - including that you will be considered the rightful user of the domain names, with full authority to define technical settings and to manage the usage of the domain.

If you would like to review a sample User Certificate, please write to us at support@web-solutions.eu. Some of the terms of use of the Local Presence/Trustee Service are also mentioned in our general terms of business at http://terms.web-solutions.eu

Web Solutions will be supplying the Local Presence Service “as is”, and cannot guarantee against unforeseen interruptions or discontinuance of service. We can never be held responsible for any losses sustained by our clients, directly or indirectly, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such losses or damages.

Register the Norwegian trademark!
There will always be risks involved with using a local presence service such as this. We strongly recommend that our clients strengthen the legal standing of their .NO domains, by registering matching trademarks in Norway.

No warehousing of Norwegian .NO domain names with Trustee Service!
It is expressly not permitted to use our Trustee Service for .NO domain names for the purpose of purchasing and selling domain names. Exceptions may be made for certain generic type domain names, in which case an agreement must be made in writing between ourselves, prior to the registration of the domain name.

Don't spam using your .NO domain names with Trustee Service!
If you are planning to send out large amounts of emails from your .NO domain with Trustee Service (over 50 recipients at once), you must inform us in advance and seek prior approval.

If you would like more information regarding Trustee Service for Norwegian domain names, or would like to review a draft User Certificate, please contact our support team.

How to transfer domains to Web Solutions?

Required info:

  • Enter the domains you wish to have transferred to Web Solutions into the box
  • Fill in your name and email address
  • Press Confirm. A person from Web Solutions Support will contact you, in order to process the transfer request

Additional information:

  • If you have Auth. Codes ready, include these. If not, you can send them later
  • If possible and relevant, please unlock the domains, so they are ready for transfer

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Need more information?

If you would like more information about the Local Presence / Trustee Service in Norway, or have other questions about the .NO domain registration or domains transfer, please don't hesitate to contact us at relations@web-solutions.eu or via phone: +44 (0) 208 133 3994