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Looking for a one-stop manager of your domain portfolio?

A partner which will accommodate your global domain registration requirements, including restricted countries, and further provide you with excellent personal service and the online tools required to easily manage your domains.

Whether it’s one domain name in a single country – or multiple unique domains on a global scale, we are here to help. We urge you to choose Web Solutions! Here is why:

Established track record with more than 14 years on the domain market

Over 20 Years of dedication

Established in 1998, country specific domain registrations and portfolio management remains our core business.

With Web Solutions you will enjoy state-of-the-art online domain management tools, but just as importantly an unprecedented level of customer service, technical support and complementary services.

We are an accredited domain registrar in most countries, and work directly with the local domain authorities to provide you with the highest level quality service, where both speed and reliability are the essential factors.

Current updates on global domain registration policies and regulations

Experience is the key

Registration of international domain names is a time-consuming task. Almost every country has its own unique rules and requirements, and those rules change often and with little notice.

From the main economies to domains in small island states, we know the domain registration business and the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of registering domain names across the world. By working with a personally assigned domain specialist at Web Solutions, your domain registration objectives will be fulfilled efficiently and save you time and administration.

Risk-free domain management

Safety & Assurance

The actual domain registration is only the beginning of our services. We assist throughout the domain life-cycle, from the initial registration to the agreed periodical renewal pattern and finally on to the identification and release of obsolete domains.

Domain names are risk filled “property”. As rules and regulations change, your domain needs updating and maintenance. If your contact person leaves the company or maybe the whole company relocates, you can rest assured that we will maintain and update all details.

As a global registrar our primary obligation to you is to make sure that all data is kept up to date, and that no domain names are lost due to rules not being complied with, data being redundant or invoices not being paid in time.

Managing domains with cutting-edge online tools

State of the art online tools

We strive to provide our clients with the tools necessary to simplify management of large and diverse domain portfolios.

Global search and register module

New domain registrations are only a few clicks away. You order, we handle the rest.

Hierarchical online management module

Enjoy unique freedom of choice. With our flexible module, you can define your own hierarchy of accounts, users, user rights, billing options and domain profiles.

DNS Management

Easily manage and update DNS records on selected groups of domains.

A wide array of services for every domain need

That’s where we help!
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