Manage your Partner Program with Web Solutions Local Presence Service

Web Solutions’ Partner Program

Get access to the most comprehensive Local Presence/Trustee service available!

With Web Solutions Partner Program, we unlock the world for you and your clients. With us you can add major new TLD’s to your portfolio, such as Thailand, Norway, Finland, Canada, Estonia, Myanmar, Malaysia…, and many many more.

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Our Partner Program is directed towards companies in Internet related businesses, which often need to register country specific domain names on behalf of clients:

  • Overseas domain registrars which prefer to use a local registrar for purposes of registering European domain names
  • Internet marketers
  • Hosting companies
  • Web designers
  • and many more

The program must not be confused with a reseller contract, where a commission is paid on every “referral”.

In connection with the Partner Program, Web Solutions will remain as an invisible partner. We do not contact our partners clients and all billing is invoiced directly to our partner.
Our partners are free to set their own price level.

Besides the tangible benefit of rebates, there are many just as important advantages in utilising the services of a dedicated domain registrar as partner:

  • Bulk discounts
  • Partner Panel
  • DNS management panel
  • Renewal options – select between automatic renewal or opt-in renewal.
  • Bulk registrations
  • Invoice consolidation – flexible as to your requirements
  • Zero language barriers

At Web Solutions, personal service is key! this is not just something we write…
You can rest assured that we will ensure:

  • Time saving – When possible, we will take care of the paperwork for you/your client.
  • Efficiency – we will take care of the Trustee Service domains, while you focus on the other 98 % of the clients total order
  • Registration is made in time – you are kept up to date the registration progress
  • Access to up to date knowledge of rules and procedures – strengthening your sales effort
  • Personal service and support. We answer the phone when you call
  • Personally assigned partner liaison manager.

For more information on our Partner Program, contact us at, or call our Partner Executive directly at:
+44 (0) 20 4571 1971 (select 1 in the menu system), 8 AM – 4 PM, BST
– or use the form below!

TLD’s available without physical presence


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