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.BA regulations summary:

Unrestricted. Foreign companies can register up to 20 .BA domain names.

Registration fee: USD 0.00
Annual domain fee: USD 149.00*

*Special offer of only USD 149.00 apply until further notice.

The price is all inclusive. DNS Service/Web forwarding is included, free of charge.

Trustee Service fee (if >20 domains): USD 0.00
Trustee Service is only required if you need more than 20 .BA domains. Its free of charge.

.BA full regulations:

Unrestricted. Non-Bosnian companies may register as many as 20 .BA domains. Web Solutions further offer a Trustee service for Bosnia and Herzegovina for those clients which need more than 20 .BA domains.

Frequently Asked Questions for .BA domain names and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Is local company in Bosnia and Herzegovina required?
Any foreign company may register up to 20 Bosnian .BA domains.
Is local admin contact in Bosnia and Herzegovina required?
No, a local administrative contact in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not required in order to register .BA domain names.
Are trademarks usable in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
A matching trademark is not required in order to register Bosnian .BA domain names.
Is Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) available?
It is not possible to register .BA IDN domain names with non-ASCII characters.
Are generic domains allowed for .BA?
It is possible to register most generic terms under the .BA domain sphere.
How much time does it take to register .BA domain name?
30 day/s
Usually, it takes 30 day/s to register a .BA domain name in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will file the application as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide guarantees as we have no influence on the speed of the Bosnian domain authority once the application has been filed.
What is the minimum of characters allowed for .BA domains?
It is not possible to apply for .BA domain names with less than 3 characters.
What is the maximum of characters allowed for .BA domains?
It is not possible to apply for .BA domain names with more than 63 characters.
Can I register more than one Bosnian domain name?
YES, 20
Companies from outside Bosnia may register as many as 20 .BA domains. Bosnian companies may register an unlimited amount of doamin names. If you reach your limit of 20 domains, Web Solutions offer a Trustee Service for Bosnia allowing you to register more domains.
Are there other domain extensions related to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes, there are more Bosnian extensions available at Web Solutions. Some of them might not require local presence and may be unrestricted. Please check the available extensions for Bosnia and Herzegovina below:

How to transfer domains to Web Solutions?

Required info:

  • Enter the domains you wish to have transferred to Web Solutions into the box
  • Fill in your name and email address
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Additional information:

  • If you have Auth. Codes ready, include these. If not, you can send them later
  • If possible and relevant, please unlock the domains, so they are ready for transfer


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