.QC.COM regulations summary:

Quebec Co-Location. No restrictions. Please study complete information.

Registration fee: USD 0.00
Annual domain fee: USD 100.00

DNS Service/Web forwarding is included, free of charge.


.QC.COM is a privately owned registry.

.QC.COM full regulations:

The domain extention is a practical-use subdomain under .com, and is property of CentralNIC. Web Solutions cannot independently guarantee contonued service of the domain name.

Frequently Asked Questions for .QC.COM domain names and Canada

Is local company in Canada required? NO
No, it is not required to have a local company in Canada, in order to register a .QC.COM domain name.
Is local admin contact in Canada required? NO
No, a local administrative contact in Canada is not required in order to register .QC.COM domain names.
Are trademarks usable in Canada? NO
Unfortunately, neither a trademark application or registration in Canada or elsewhere will give specific access to register .QC.COM domains.
Is Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) available? NO
It is not possible to register .QC.COM IDN domain names with non-ASCII characters.
Are generic domains allowed for .QC.COM? N/A
There are some restrictions on the type of domain names allowed in Canada. Please contact us beforehand, if you are planning to apply for a generic type QC.COM domain.
How much time does it take to register .QC.COM domain name? 1 day/s
Usually, it takes 1 day/s to register a .QC.COM domain name in Canada. We will file the application as soon as possible. However, we cannot provide guarantees as we have no influence on the speed of the Canadian domain authority once the application has been filed.
What is the minimum of characters allowed for .QC.COM domains? 3
It is not possible to apply for .QC.COM domain names with less than 3 characters.
What is the maximum of characters allowed for .QC.COM domains? 63
It is not possible to apply for .QC.COM domain names with more than 63 characters.
Can I register more than one Canadian domain name? YES, unlimited
Applicants may register an unlimited amount of Canadian .QC.COM domain names.
Are there other domain extensions related to Canada? YES
Yes, there are more Canadian extensions available at Web Solutions. Some of them might not require local presence and may be unrestricted. Please check the available extensions for Canada below:

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Detailed disclaimer for .QC.COM domain names registration:

.QC.COM is a privately owned registry. The registry operator is a trusted provider, and Web Solutions has confidence in its ability to provide continued service. However, we cannot issue any kind of guarantee as to the stability, reliability or continued endurance of the .QC.COM TLD or registry. Web Solutions can in no way or form be held responsible for the current or future actions of this private registry. The operation of the .QC.COM domain registry service is not approved or sanctioned by the official Canadian domain registry.

.QC.COM domain names

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.QC.COM domain names

Need more information?

If you would like more information have other questions about the .QC.COM domain registration or domains transfer, please don't hesitate to contact us at relations@web-solutions.eu or via phone: +44 (0) 208 133 3994

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