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General policy for .TZ domain

The organization and management (including allocation, registration and deletion of sub-domains) of Tanzanian country code top level domain .TZ is conducted according to the rules and regulations overseen by the Tanzanian Domain Registry.

General Policy for Tanzanian domains

The Internet registry for Tanzania’s country code Top Level Domain .TZ manages and administers the operations of .TZ domain through a consultative process as a not-for-profit company. Its mission is to advocate the utilization of Tanzanian domain names and to safeguard registrants’ interests by providing reliable and secure registry infrastructure and database as well as dependable domain name service.

.TZ Domains
There are 12 categories of .TZ domains under which a domain name for doing business or provision of services/information online can be registered:

.CO.TZ – intended for commercial entities according to Tanzania laws (i.e., yourbusiness.co.tz)

Please note: The administrative contact must be based in Tanzania. Web Solutions will provide this free of charge. Simply select Trustee Service at check-out.

.OR.TZ – intended for non-profit organisations. (i.e., humanrights.or.tz)

.GO.TZ – intended for government entities such as ministries and agencies (i.e., serengeti.go.tz, tanzaniatourism.go.tz)

.AC.TZ – intended for accredited academic or technical institutions (i.e., udom.ac.tz, mzumbe.ac.tz)

.NE.TZ – intended for network or hardware professionals (i.e., tanganyika.ne.tz, tix.ne.tz)

.MIL.TZ – intended exclusively for entities of Tanzania Military (i.e., zanzibar.mil.tz, tpdf.mil.tz)

.SC.TZ – intended for schools (elementary, primary and secondary) (i.e., kiboshogirls.sc.tz, kikaro.sc.tz)

.TV.TZ – intended for Television operators/stations (i.e., tbc.tv.tz, mlimani.tv.tz)

.HOTEL.TZ – intended for hotel operators (i.e., kilimanjaro.hotel.tz, holidayinn.hotel.tz)

.MOBI.TZ – intended for mobile phone operators (i.e., vodacom.mobi.tz, zantel.mobi.tz)

.ME.TZ – intended for individual use (any Tanzanian) (i.e., yourname.me.tz)

.INFO.TZ – intended for informational sites (i.e., museum.info.tz, makumbusho.info.tz)

.TZ Domain Registration Rules

.TZ domain names are registered via accredited registrars or their agents who provide domain and web hosting services along with other immediate domain-related options such as e-mail accounts.

Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

By applying to register, maintain or renew a domain name under .TZ domain, the registrant has an obligation:

  • to provide complete and accurate information in the Registration Agreement;
  • to the best of the registrant’s knowledge, not to infringe upon or otherwise breach the rights of any third party by registering a .TZ domain name;
  • not to register the domain name for illegal purposes; and
  • not to use the .TZ domain name in breach of any applicable laws or regulations.

It is the registrant’s responsibility to establish whether or not the domain name registration infringes upon or is in violation of someone else’s rights.

Cancellation, Transfer or Other Changes to .TZ Domains

The .TZ Registry has the right to cancel, transfer or otherwise make changes to domain name registrations in the following circumstances:

  • at an express written or appropriate electronic request from the registrant or their authorized agent to take such action;
  • upon the receipt of an order requiring such action from a court of law or arbitrary tribunal within competent jurisdiction; and/or
  • upon the receipt of a decision requiring such action from an administrative panel in an administrative proceeding to which the registrant was a party and which was conducted in accordance with the .TZ Registry’s Policy

The domain name can also be cancelled, transferred or otherwise changed in accordance with the terms of the Registration Agreement or other legal requirements.

Dispute Resolution

Resolution of disputes over .TZ domain names is conducted as per .TZ Registry’s Policy and Rules.
Upon the registration of a .TZ domain name, the registrant consents, through the registration agreement, to all registration rules and policies regulating the administration and management of the .TZ domain.

The dispute resolution policy and rules aim at protecting against abusive use of registrations and cyber squatting, such as:

  • registering a domain name identical or confusingly similar to a mark;
  • registering a domain name that violates rights or legitimate use of a mark;
  • registering a domain name for the purpose of using a mark in a bad faith.

Disputes in domain names do occasionally arise mostly over the use of trade mark. Dispute resolution services for .TZ domains are conducted via independent appointed experts to ensure a fair and quick means of dealing with the disputes.

The Dispute Resolution Service is included in the registration agreement for .TZ domain names. According to the DRS Policy and rules, the party filing a complaint must prove that they have “rights in respect of a name or mark which is identical or similar to the domain name”.

The Dispute Resolution System has been designed for helping parties find the solution to the dispute. The complainant covers the administrative fees associated with the dispute resolution proceedings.

If you require more detailed information regarding the .TZ domain dispute resolution policy, please contact us at support@web-solutions.eu.

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