Office 365 Exchange package

Microsoft Exchange Online
Work smarter, anywhere, with hosted email for business

Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of a cloud-based email service with the robust capabilities of an on-premises Exchange server deployment. Your staff receive large mailbox sizes with anywhere access to their data across PCs, the web, and mobile devices.

Office 365 Exchange package

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Get business-class email as either a standalone Exchange Online plan, or as part of an Microsoft 365 Business plan that includes Office and more.

Web Solutions - Exchange Online Plan 1 (F1)

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Get the new Exchange as a hosted service from Microsoft or as a part of an Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan that includes SharePoint and Skype for Business and more.

Exchange Online Plan 1 (F1)

All workers can benefit from productivity tools, including those without a desk or office, such as shift or retail workers, or any worker who uses a shared PC. Microsoft 365 kiosk plans are designed to provide services to improve communication and collaboration for these workers.

You can buy an Microsoft 365 kiosk plan by itself, or you can purchase a kiosk plan to mix and match with other services in any Microsoft 365 Enterprise plan

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Office 365 Exchange package

Exchange Online Features

Exchange Online is one of the product under the umbrella of Microsoft 365, and it’s included in many Microsoft 365 plans that include email service. Exchange Online is also available for subscription on a standalone basis for users who just need a hosted Exchange service without other unnecessary add-ons.

Microsoft Services Descritpion

Microsoft Exchange Online is an email, calendar, and contacts solution delivered as a cloud service, hosted by Microsoft or Partners. It is built on the technologie called Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange Online provides end users with a familiar email experience across PCs, the Web and mobile devices, while giving IT administrators or small businesses and professionals web-based tools for managing their online deployment.
Microsoft Exchange is available both as on-premises software and as a hosted service with Exchange Online. Customers can also choose to combine both on-premises and online options in a hybrid deployment.

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