Details and full informations about hosting in Web Solutions

secure access to directories

Password protection of directories

The CNC (Command n’ Control) panel is provided with each hosting package supported by Linux. Finding your password-protected directories takes a few simple clicks of a mouse. Some special areas of your web site, such as a development-only, pay-per-view area, or a section dedicated to family/friends may need password protection to prevent undesired Internet users from accessing the content. With the CNC you will be able to ensure password protection for any part of your web site.

Data and password protection at the same time

Uppermost security parameters
Security parameters define the technical indicators for a service enabling its proper operation.
Access to pages with passwords
Creating a hidden directory allows you to protect parts of the web site from unauthorized access. The system of accounts and passwords comes in handy when the site administrator wants to share part of the site only with specific people (for example, the software maker grants access to new versions of their programs to those who purchased earlier versions).
Flexible configuration allows you to freely define who is or who is not allowed to access certain areas.

Available hosting in Windows and Linux OS