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FTP Accounts

Our hosting packages guarantee 24/7 access to your web site!

Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will allow you to add and edit files on your web site at your convenience, and the changes will be effective instantly! You will be able to create additional FTP accounts that may come in handy as a restrictive measure in case other people are required to work on different parts of the website but should have limited access. Alternatively, it can be utilised as an open FTP directory for your visitors to download or upload certain files.

Instant access to FTP accounts

In order to publish a web site online, all necessary files need to be uploaded to a host server where the web site is planned to be set up. The quickest and easiest way to transfer multiple files at a time is by means of a dedicated FTP program. Connecting to the specified server through an FTP account is only possible for users who have access to that server. Users obtain access rights and proper authorisation from their hosting provider in the form of FTP accounts with unique user names and passwords for each account. Users can then access the files of a given website on a certain FTP server. Multiple FTP accounts can be created for one website or multiple websites.

Simple way of server processing