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.FILM Top-Level Domain General Availability

The .FILM extension has entered the General Availability phase, therefore now it is possible to order/apply for domain names within the: .FILM extension/suffix. Please contact our support via e-mail or use the contact form in order to buy .FILM domains.

.FILM - general information

The .FILM domain registrations will be offered to the members of the global movie community looking to enhance their online presence. The new domain will offer .FILM industry professionals an opportunity to register domain names that will distinguish them among the crowd.

.FILM plays a significant role in the entertainment industry delivering, in its classic sense, original content that is serious in tone and artistic in style. With Internet names such as FRENCH .FILM, HOLLYWOOD.FILM or FAMILY.FILM, the new generic TLD promises a distinguished name-place for the film-making industry that can serve as a platform for both .FILM professionals and .FILM viewers.

The language of cinema can be spoken across the globe and across cultures. It has been the source of entertainment, artistic expression, education and communications spectacle since its invention. Following the path of the Digital Revolution, .FILM has established itself online as a huge and growing business with various media of delivery. The new meaningful domain is sure to provide a clear label for all things .FILM, making it easy to find at the same time.

.FILM is a new generic Top-Level Domain (News / Media gTLD) announced by ICANN, the Internet domain authority. The New gTLD Program`s goal is to enhance competition, innovation, and consumer choice. You can see it as your opportunity to get that perfect domain which has been taken by someone else. The introduction of .FILM domain extension is divided into three phases: Pre-registration, Sunrise and Landrush. After Landrush period, the .FILM domain will become public and registrations will be available to everyone (General availability).

(active for non-trademark holders till General availability)
A free and non-binding way to get a head start securing the new domain name. Indication of an interest in a given domain and eventually registering name(s) in .FILM when registration becomes available.
(approx duration 30-60 days)
Time at the launch of the .FILM domain before public domain registration for the .FILM begins, allowing brand/trademark owners to register, or block related domain names. See our Managed TMCH Submission service.
(approx duration 30 days)
The initial launch phase for broad general distribution when anyone (usually companies) can submit a request for a domain name under the .FILM. Landrush registrations are typically NOT first-come, first-served. Duplicate requests are auctioned between the parties desiring an identical name.
General availability
(perpetual after Landrush)
Finally, domain names under the .FILM will be available to the general public, at normal retail prices on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants may attempt to register previously pre-registered domains within .FILM. When a domain is registered, it is officially reserved and registered in real time.

If you are not a brand owner, before General availability you are allowed to take part only in the first phase and pre-register your desired domain names within .FILM. The use of our gTLD pre-registration module is free of charge and without any obligation to buy later on. We will keep you updated on future developments related to your preregistered domains, including information about pricing and regulations, once these have been announced by the registry responsible for a given gTLD. Please note that pre-registration of .FILM is not a queue. Although we will try our best, we cannot provide any kind of guarantee that pre-registration will eventually lead to successful registration of your chosen domain within the .FILM extension.
If you wish to secure your rights to a specific domain name, please choose our Managed TMCH Submission service which offers trademark owners a simple yet efficient way to monitor and protect their brands. It is also the only way by which trademark owners can participate in designated Sunrise periods.
For non-trademark holders Pre-registration of .FILM will be available until General availability.

Why .FILM?

Film-making is one of the world's most lucrative areas within the entertainment industry with the potential to bring in billions of dollars annually. The new .FILM domain will serve as a sure and clearly defined Internet space connecting organizations, businesses and individuals that shape the film industry. Furthermore, .FILM offers a unique and secure name-space for every branch of film making – it's perfect for actors, producers, .FILM directors, studios, writers, editing services, movie theatres or .FILM critics.

The Internet revolution has changed the modern world, connecting over 2.4 billion Internet users through the network of commercial, social, cultural, and educational websites. Establishing a meaningful and definitive presence online has become increasingly difficult within the choices offered by .COMs, .NETs and .ORGs. New generic TLDs, such as .FILM, offer an option to break out from the limited virtual space and create a safer, more significant Internet content. The .FILM extension will clearly indicate the website's content, enhancing the user’s online experiences at the same time. Consider selecting the .FILM domain name that will best suit your connection to movie entertainment so you can enjoy the new Internet to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions for .FILM domain names and News / Media
What are new gTLD's?
A gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) is the set of characters following the dot at the end of a website address. Hundreds of new domain extensions (new gTLDs), such as .SPORT, .ART, or .WEB, are being introduced to the Internet as an alternative to web addresses where .COM or .NET would normally be.
Why should I register .FILM domain name?
You are free to choose from hundreds of domain extensions tailored to your website's needs to give it a unique virtual identity. Furthermore, with .FILM extension your website is likely to turn up in more searches and generate more online traffic.
When will .FILM be available?
The dates of each phase depend on the Registry managing the new gTLDs. In the case of .FILM, the specific dates will be published as soon as they are available to the public. At the moment, the following information is available:
General Availability/Go Live: 01 Mar 2016
Why should I pre-register .FILM now?
We will keep you updated on any developments related to your pre-registered .FILM domain, including information about pricing and regulations, once these have been announced by the registry responsible for .FILM.
Does it cost anything to pre-register .FILM?
The use of our gTLD pre-registration module is free of charge and without any obligation to a future purchase. Please note that pre-registration of .FILM is not a queue. Although we will try our best, we cannot provide any kind of guarantee that pre-registration will actually lead to the successful registration of your chosen domain within .FILM.
Are there any limitations on .FILM pre-registrations?
No, with Web Solutions you are free to pre-register as many [new gTLDs] as you wish free of charge. However, although we will try our best, we cannot provide any kind of guarantee that pre-registration will lead to the successful registration of your chosen domain within .FILM.
Are trademarks usable in .FILM domain registration?
If you are a brand owner, it is important that you register your trademark(s) with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) prior to the release of .FILM. Brands are protected by the TMCH in two ways: with a Sunrise Service and a Trademark Claims Service. Web Solutions further offer a Managed TMCH Submissions service. Click here to read more.
Am I obligated to register a .FILM I pre-registered?
Pre-registration of .FILM names with Web Solutions is free of charge and with no obligation to buy the domain name later on. By expressing your interest in a .FILM name and pre-registering it, you can be assured of our assistance in keeping you up to date on any developments regarding .FILM.
Why would I want to pre-register .FILM with Web Solutions?
Founded in 1998, Web Solutions is an established domain registrar and an accredited agent of the Trademark Clearinghouse with a solid track record and a large number of satisfied customers. Should you need more information regarding the pre-registration process, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@web-solutions.eu or by calling on +44 (0) 20 4571 1971.
Can anyone register a .FILM domain name?
The registration requirements may differ for each new extension depending on the category they belong to and the registry offering them.
How do I host my .FILM domain name?
Web Solutions' services include hosting and email service for .FILM. To order hosting, email service and SSL certificates, click here or contact our Support Team at support@web-solutions.eu or via phone on +44 (0) 20 4571 1971.
Do I have to configure my DNS?
All the .FILM domain names may be hosted on your own name servers. If you specify no name servers, we will provide DNS for your .FILM domains free of charge.
Rights protection mechanism

Need more information?

If you would like more information about the .FILM domain ending, have other questions about the News / Media domains or our pre-registration service, please don't hesitate to contact us at relations@web-solutions.eu or via phone: +44 (0) 20 4571 1971