uk launch
From the 10th of June 2014, shorter and simpler domains, such as “”, will be available for registration, marking the biggest change ever in the .UK name-space.

For all new and unique .uk domain strings, not previously registered in any of the third level .UK extensions such as etc., this is a first-come-first-served release, and is expected to be the most in-demand release of any TLD in recent years. However, the existing domain strings registered under etc. will be reserved for the period of 5 years which is referred to as the “grandfathering” period.

Bulk .UK Grandfathering

uk domains preregistration plusAlready own third level .uk domains? Any domain that is already registered within, and which was registered before 29th of October 2013, will have its equivalent second level .uk domain blocked from registration by other applicants for 5 years, allowing the current owner to “grandfather” their .uk domain within this period of time. If there exist more than one eligible domain, the grandfathering right will be awarded to only one of the following domains in the order of precedence:,,,,,

Owners of multiple domains can save time using this simple form.
Note: If you have or other third level .UK domains with other registrars, these can also be grandfathered via Web Solutions.

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