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However, we cannot collect the payment you just made. Please read the below carefully.

You have just made a payment in EUR/USD, using a Dankort or an Amex.

Unfortunately, our credit card processing company will not allow us to collect Dankort or Amex payments that are not in DKK (Danish Kroner). We therefore request that you make a new payment, either in DKK or with another Credit Card type.

Please select and follow a payment option below, or simply wait and our Support Department will contact you as soon as possible, to resolve the matter:

Option A:
Make new payment with other credit card, using the original order currency

Option B:
Make new payment with Dankort or Amex, in DKK, Danish kroner
(Please note the Important information below)

(If you have arrived here from a payment link, please copy and paste it to your browser window again. If you have arrived here from your customer account, please simply follow this link:

Your first payment, which we unfortunately cannot collect, will be cancelled by us within 24 hours. However, in the mean time the amount has been blocked on your Dankort/Amex. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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